Air Show Team

The Rocky Mountain Renegades

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN RENEGADES   are a group of professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts from along the Front Range of Colorado, flying experimental aircraft that most members built themselves. 

The team is made up of a combination of United States Air Force, Navy and civilian pilots, all of whom work for or are retired from major airlines, but have previous experience flying front line military fighters, attack helicopters, and competitive aerobatic aircraft.

The Renegades fly a 15 minute show using up to 7 aircraft.   Their performance is a mixture of precise formation aerobatic flying interspersed with high energy solo aerobatic routines.   

              "The dynamic Rocky Mountain Renegades wow the crowd by keeping

                the aerobatic box busy with aircraft and lots of smoke during their

                exciting routine"

                                                   Bill Lowe      
                                                   Air Show Announcer - Big Mouth Productions

The ROCKY MOUNTAIN RENEGADES are available on a limited basis for Airshows, Missing Man honorary fly-bys, and other aviation related events.